Our Goal:

Young people have sufficient and equipped skills for their better living standard.

Our Objectives:

1. Local young girls will be equipped with tailoring skills for their self-employment.
2. They have a bigger decision making power in seeking health access for their well-being.
3. They have higher income opportunities in families and in society.

About Tailoring Training Program:

CAD had set up a Women Vocational Training Center in Hnaring village in 2016. In this center, CAD had opened a basic tailoring training program which lasted 3 months per course and (10) girls per course without any charges. In (2) years, there are 72 numbers of girls attended this course.

(72) numbers of girls said they never had such kind of vocational skill opportunity in their region till 2015. Furthermore, they said those who have money, went to Hakha city and attended tailoring training with high training fees which is about Ks. 500,000.

Individual survey was done with (4) numbers of girls who completed the tailoring course from CAD center. Out of 4, 2 respondents told us that they have been earning income from their tailoring skill, acquired by CAD, sewing clothes in their village and the rest (2) girls told us that as they could not buy the sewing machine, they do not have any earning income from their skill.

However, they all agreed that after completing the training, they have higher self-confidence because they said they learnt not only tailoring skills but also other trainings such as first-aid, community service and team building.

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