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Community Agency for Rural Development (CAD) was founded as a Catholic faith oriented Myanmar NGO in May 4, 2004 by Joseph Kung Za Hmung @ Win Hlaing Oo. CAD is one of five Myanmar NGOs (Not-for-profit non-governmental organizations) established by few individual persons in Myanmar during 2000-2004 under the Burmese Military rule (State Law and Order Restoration Council) led by Senior General Than Shwe. CAD is registered to Union Ministry of Home Affairs of the Union of Republic of Myanmar. CAD registration/License number is 1/Local/1850 which is valid till 2023.


The founder of CAD is a devoted Catholic Christian. The charity organization has been implementing a wide range of programs in WASH, agriculture and rural livelihoods, education, environment, health services, car road and bridge construction, nursery (early child care education), school feeding, research, capacity building, rural infrastructure development, anti-venom bank and health; always targeting the most needy communities in Myanmar in line with Catholic teachings.


CAD is registered to Union Ministry of Home Affairs of the Union of Republic of Myanmar. CAD registration/License number is 1/Local/1850. We changed our organizational name from our original name “Country Agency for Rural Development” to “Community Agency for Rural Development” in 2014 in line with directive of Union Ministry of Home Affairs of Myanmar central government. Founded by a Christian from Chin state, the organization is guided by a set of principles informed by its Catholic faith-based roots but also fully understanding of a country so diverse in its faiths, ethnicities and environments. CAD enjoys being both an element of that diversity whilst always striving to find commonalities amongst the different backgrounds. Our EuropeAid ID is MM-2009-CWC-2801955510.


– The Background of CAD Inception in Myanmar:


Its inception is propelled by occurrences of catastrophes from 1987 to 2002 in Lautu region (one of 5 big ethnics in Thang Tlang Township, Chin state, Myanmar) where no UN agency or non-governmental organization has any development programs. Severe dysentery and food shortages were happened in our region. 75 people died of dysentery in Hnaring village in 1987. A young girl, who was a younger sister of Joseph Kung Za Hmung, died of excessive nose bleeding in 1994. In 2002, more than 8 villages (about 4000 people) faced severe food shortages and drought. Many parents stopped their children’s education. Such catastrophes hereby forced us to find humanitarian aids from different agencies and authority which however refused to intervene the suffering of our local people due to lack of accessibility.


Since its inception in 2004, the organization has gone from working solely in Chin State, to having regional offices in Yangon, Ye U town in Sagaing region, Natogyi town in Mandalay region, Hakha city in Chin state, Hnaring in Chin state and Natogyi in Mandalay region. CAD currently employs 36 national staff and 2 international staff, and works with over 10 partners and 6 donors. With financial support of British American Tobacco company, CAD has set up its sub-office in Natogyi city, Mandalay region (known as central dry zone) to tackle poverty and food insecurity and boost community development since 2015.


Welcoming international and domestic volunteers and interns, CAD is always looking for new ways to partner, locally or internationally, with proven development programming activities or developing innovative new methods. We see great value in the international development sector’s presence here in Myanmar, whilst also striving to develop the capacity of local staff and organizations, alongside our own development.


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Kanthayar Housing, 7/Floor, Room (705), Kannaar Road,

Kyimyindaing 11101, Yangon, Myanmar.


Email: cad.yangon@gmail.com,

josephwin@gmail.com, cad.director@gmail.com


Phone: 09427414251
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