CAD and UNICEF signed a project contract agreement on 15 December 2021. The project is known as Small Scale Funding Agreement (SSFA) on Extended and Continuous Education and Learning for Out-of-School Children aged 10-17 year in Hakha Township, Chin State. The project will be begun from December 2021 to September 2022.

Continuing learning opportunity for children especially out of school children and adolescents have been disrupted during COVID-19 Pandemic. It is aggravated by the February 1st 2021 political crisis in Myanmar. The community based Extended and continuous education and learning (EXCEL) activities are conceptualized as an approach to equip adolescents with personal and interpersonal competencies to overcome the various challenges they face in everyday life through informed decision making. Through EXCEL, out of school children will have increased access and participation in non-formal education to develop necessary skills for their social protection and enhance reading literacy. Communities and parents will be mobilized and consulted to support children and adolescents learning. Community facilitators will be recruited from the same community with out of school children in the catchment areas to facilitate the training. Myanmar Literacy Resource Center will provide training and technical assistance to CAD’s staff and facilitators.  

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