U Cho Aye who is one of beneficiaries from Fertilizer Bank, said,’ In previous time, I always take fertilizer in loan with 5% interest as expensive price and it make high cost, low profit for me. But now I got fertilizer loan (Urea 1 bag, NPK 10:10:5 1 bag, Gypsum 2 bags) with 2% interest rate with very cheap price from the fertilizer bank committee, set up and supported by CAD. Now I used it in one acre of summer paddy cultivation season (February to July). Its yield per acre was above 100 baskets and net increase yield per acre was 40 baskets that value 160,000 ks (40bskt x 4000 ks) equivalent to US$ 170. And my family got net profit 110000 ks (US$ 120) (160000 ks minus 50000ks loan) for one acre of summer paddy growing. I never heard of this bank system and CAD is very innovative NGO for me.

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