Our Program Policies

1. Our program must match our Mission Statement.
2. Our program must be free from political, war, tribal crisis, terrorist and insurgents.
3. Every proposal of community to CAD must be approved by village authority.
4. CAD prioritizes women’s involvement in its every program.
5. CAD is ever ready to have partnership and cooperation with authority, UN agencies and NGOs in development sector and relief program.
6. Our program is always in relevance with State law.
7. Our program must support national interests.
8. CAD implements any its programs after only consultation and coordination with local authority.
9. CAD has transparency and accountability for its programs.
10. All our programs must match our humanitarian principles (Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality and Independence).

11. CAD has a policy to do social enterprises for community development.


Our Humanitarian Principles

1. All our humanitarian programs must focus on humanity
2. All our humanitarian programs have no impartiality.
3. All our humanitarian programs have no neutrality.
4. All our humanitarian activities are independent programs.


Our Fields of Interest

1. Agriculture (Land Development, Irrigation Facilities)

2. Drinking Water and Sanitation

3. Education (Pre-school)

4. Community based micro credit and saving program

5. Road Construction

6. Capacity Building Program

7. Social Enterprises

8. Food Security

9. Public Health Program

10. Livelihood

11. Development oriented Research

12. Civic Education

13. Vocational Training Program


Our Donors

1. UNOPS (Three Millennium Development Goal Fund)

2. One Body One Spirit Organization (OBOS)

3. New Zealand Embassy

4. Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Italy

5. Czech Embassy

6. Archbishop Charles Bo

7. Porticus Asia

8. British American Tobacco Company


Where we are

1. Chin State

2. Sagaing Region

3. Mandalay Region

4. Yangon Region

5. Ayerawaddy Region


Contact Us

Kanthayar Housing, 7/Floor, Room (705), Kannaar Road,

Kyimyindaing 11101, Yangon, Myanmar.


Email: cad.yangon@gmail.com,

josephwin@gmail.com, cad.director@gmail.com


Phone: 09427414251
Mobile: 09-5040477, 09-421006741