9. OBOS Funding to CAD

1. One Body One Spirit Movement (OBOS)


We are very happy to share you that OBOS which is a Catholic faith based funding agency in Seoul, the Republic of South Korea, approved recently our development program proposal for people in Chin state, Myanmar. Actually, OBOS has already been giving funding to CAD since 2009 till today. The total funding of OBOS to CAD for people in Chin State, Myanmar has totaled US$. 1.5 million in (10) years. Living standards of thousands of local people in remote areas have being uplifted too. From her 15 years’ experience with different donors/funding agencies, CAD finally concluded and believes that OBOS is the most stable and committed funding agency in the world.

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Kanthayar Housing, 7/Floor, Room (705), Kannaar Road,

Kyimyindaing 11101, Yangon, Myanmar.


Email: cad.yangon@gmail.com,

josephwin@gmail.com, cad.director@gmail.com


Phone: 09427414251
Mobile: 09-5040477, 09-421006741,



Account Name
Community Agency for Rural Development


Name of Bank and Address
Myanma Apex Bank
No. (207), Theinbyu Road (Middle Block),
Botathaung, Yangon, Myanmar.


A/C Number:  996 02 15996007447016
 Swift Code:  MMABMMMY

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