Our Objectives

As per financial and management support of these 2 collaborators, CAD worked together with a consultancy team for the process of revisiting and updated Strategic plan for 2018-2022 in November 2017. CAD will firmly stand as an agency with country-wide recognition materializing integrated development of rural communities in Myanmar through:


  • Goal, Objectives and Strategies

1. Goal

Rural community have increased their capacity to ensure human rights and developmental needs, and then improved their socioeconomic status.


2. Objectives


Objective 1: To enhance capacity of communities on civic education and human rights in order to address their individual rights

Strategy 1: Raising community awareness through partnership with CBOs, FBOs and Government

Objective 2: To increase household economy through increase productivity of agriculture and other vocation skills

Strategy 2: Support technology and materials from production to value added marketing


Objective 3: To improve infrastructure facilities for rural communities

Strategy 3: Support financial and infrastructure facilities


Objective 4: To improve community’s access to quality education

Strategy 4: Support education needs of the community


Objective 5: To improve access to primary health care and health knowledge of community

Strategy 5: Increase accessibility and knowledge partnership with CBOs, NGOs and Government sectors


Objective 6: To be sustainable organizational development of CAD


Strategy 6.1. Fundraising (Link with Business Sector, relationship with donors)

Strategy 6.2. Improved Staff capacity development

Strategy 6.3. Program quality improvement

Strategy 6.4. Strengthen networking


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