Revolving Seed Bank System

Revolving Rice Bank System

1. Revolving Seed Bank system:


Our Goal:

Household food security and food sovereignty are improved.


Our Objectives:


1. Local farmers have access to modern farming technology.
2. Local farmers have access to better and productive seed for higher farm production.
3. Local farmers have access to market oriented seed for their higher income and food security.


Revolving Seed Bank system:


CAD sets up village based seed banks. Local farmers can loan seeds from the bank which is managed by village selected committee and farmers are obliged to replace one fold of the seed in line with agreement between farmers and the committee. Profits are meant to use for farmers’ better living standard among the members.


Community voice:


U Thaung Aye (aged 39), Kyar Pan Nyo village
U Thaung Aye who is one of our project beneficiaries said,’ Because of no irrigation, we all farmers could not grow summer paddy crop and it makes us low income. Instead of summer paddy crop, I grew green gram seed, a new crop, given by CAD for 1.5 acre (March to June). Expenditure of my 1.5 acre growing was round about Kyat 250,000 lakh and I got sale money 570,000 Ks. And it makes net profit 320,000 ks (US$ 350) for my family. So, all beneficiaries and the committee are very delighted and grateful to CAD.

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Account Name
Community Agency for Rural Development


Name of Bank and Address
Myanma Apex Bank
No. (207), Theinbyu Road (Middle Block),
Botathaung, Yangon, Myanmar.


A/C Number:  996 02 15996007447016
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