Revolving Rice Bank System



Food is accessible for all people whenever necessary.


Our Objectives:

1. Families have access to rice with affordable price.
2. Families have no burden on interest for borrowing rice.
3. Children are free from vicious circle of malnutrition.


Our Revolving System:


Our system is community based revolving management. CAD sets up rice banks for communities by providing them 2 metric tonnages of rice to the community, managed by village rice bank committee, chosen by villagers. All villagers are accessible to this bank for borrowing rice when they have no job opportunities or when they are in the lean period but they have to return 1 fold of rice to the bank committee. All capital and interests are owned and managed by the villagers and village committee.

Daw Tote (aged 42), Khinpin village

One of our beneficiaries, Tote said,’ my family consists of five members (adult 2 + children 3) and have to cook daily six cups of rice for two meals and we need one bag of rice, 192 cups monthly that was purchased in high cost (18000Ks per one bag) in the village because of carrying and selling from Kanhtuma village far (17) miles to residence. In raining season, sale price of one bag is highest because of bad transportation, sandy and muddy road. However now my family monthly gets one rice bag from committee in cheaper price and all beneficiaries are very grateful to CAD. Rice bank committee started to support 52 rice bags (192 cups per one bag of rice) to 51 households and vision of committee is that “By 30thJune of 2016, 51 HHs have already been monthly supported as one and half rice bags per HH for 6 months of raining season”.

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Phone: 09427414251
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Account Name
Community Agency for Rural Development


Name of Bank and Address
Myanma Apex Bank
No. (207), Theinbyu Road (Middle Block),
Botathaung, Yangon, Myanmar.


A/C Number:  996 02 15996007447016
 Swift Code:  MMABMMMY

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