2. CAD saves lives of farmers from poisonous viper snakes in Myanmar.




CAD is very pleased to share and report a great news that a woman, bitten by a viper snake, was saved from death by our medicine in Oak Pho village. Her name is Ms. Khine Mar Win, daughter of U Tin Shwe and of Daw Tin Yee.


She was bitten by a viper on 15 July at about 8:30 a.m. and was carried to our medicine bank where two bottles of medicines were injected to her by a health assistant whose name is U Tan Ngwe. After receiving the first aid of our medicine, she was transferred to another 2 township hospital where another 12 numbers of venom were injected to her again and finally to Mandalay hospital to check her kidney if it is affected by the poison of the snake.


CAD got phone calls from the villagers expressing their joyful feelings and gratitude to CAD and to Czech embassy for saving her lives. The aforementioned news information was posted in the facebook account name: Aung Myint Thaung Yeu

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